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New Indiana Law prevents employers
from viewing certain criminal history


In Indiana, it has always been virtually impossible to expunge any criminal history. Even if charges have been dismissed or diverted or (unbelievably) if you win at a jury trial, an employer (or others) could still find out about the criminal allegations and there was virtually nothing that could be done about it. However, this changed on July 1, 2011 when a new law came into effect. This new law states that if a person qualifies, employers and others would be prohibited from receiving most criminal history that did not result in a conviction (arrests, diversions, deferred prosecutions and acquittals, for example), and even all misdemeanor and most "D" felony convictions that are old enough to qualify.

The new law even allows a person to fill out an employment application and indicate that they have NO Criminal convictions, if their request is granted by the criminal court. Please contact us today for a free consultation to determine if you qualify. The legislature may decide to rescind this law at some point in time, so don't wait. This is an important and meaningful change in the law that could have dramatic financial impact on your life. Please fill out the information below and we will get back with you very quickly and discuss whether you qualify to take advantage of this new law.

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