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Fees and Payments

The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin & Kamish charges its clients based upon a flat-fee structure. This means that clients will pay a set fee, determined by the law firm, for the charges/problems that the client is facing.

What are the factors that determine the total fee charged to the client?

There are several factors that our lawyers consider when assessing the amount to charge the client on the flat fee, including:

  1. Severity of the charge.
  2. Complexity of the case.
  3. Number of charges pending.
  4. Court where charges are pending.
  5. Urgency.
  6. Amount of investigation needed.

What is the client paying for?

The flat fee paid by the client is paying for many things that the Criminal Defense Team can provide, including:

  1. Reputation.
  2. Firm’s reputation as trial lawyers.
  3. Experience of the lawyers.
  4. Knowledge of the law and tendencies of the judges and prosecutors.
  5. Experience of the staff.
  6. The whole team of lawyers strategizing about cases.
  7. Administrative needs of the client (continuing hearings, sending out notices, reminding clients of court dates etc...)
  8. Communication needs of client (office appointments and/or telephone).
  9. Most investigative needs of client, excluding some described in our “flat fee contract” (hiring of expert witnesses, for example).

How much money will the client need to pay up front and what type of payment plans are available?

Once the total flat fee is quoted by the lawyer, then the next step is to determine how that fee will be paid by the client. There are number of ways this fee can be paid:

Total fee paid up front - For those clients who are able to pay the entire fee up front, the firm will take 10% off of the total fee.
Payment plans - For those unable to pay the entire fee up front, the firm normally requires ½ of the entire fee paid down, with the remainder of the fee paid on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payment schedule to be determined by the client and attorney (primarily based upon the client’s ability to pay).
Other - In some circumstances, the firm will work with the client on alternative payment arrangements, even when the client can not pay ½ of the total fee up front. In those cases, we will work with the client to come up with a plan that works for the client.


Our Criminal Defense law firm will do what we can to try to work with the client.
It is our hope that money will not be an obstacle in obtaining our services.
We are happy to discuss this with you in person.
Our initial consultation is free.