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A Team Approach to Criminal Defense

A Team Approach to Criminal Defense

When like-minded, passionate advocates get together to discuss criminal law and strategy, amazing things can happen for our clients. On any typical day - several times a day - our lawyers will  pick each others’ brains on a wide-range of matters related to our clients and their cases. Two or more lawyers usually have lunch together daily and often dinner as well.   If we are displeased at a judge’s ruling or a prosecutor’s attitude toward our client’s case, or if we learn that a police officer lied in a deposition, we may assemble an impromptu meeting in the middle of the day to figure out what our next move will be. This is usually done in person, but sometimes is done by way of a conference call so that as many lawyers as possible can voice their opinion. 

Brainstorming sessions are vital to our success. Although individually, each lawyer has his own strengths, it is collectively that we become the strongest advocates for our client. It is our belief that no single lawyer can provide the type of comprehensive defense that a person charged with a crime deserves. Rather, it takes a team of dedicated lawyers and staff to obtain the optimum results.

If you hire our firm, you hire all of the lawyers and staff. Any of us, or all of us, may be working on your case at any given time. Normally, a lead lawyer will be assigned to the case to organize the game plan for the client. One of his main jobs will be to come up with a general strategy (often after meeting with other lawyers for their input) and then assigning tasks for the staff so that the game plan will be  implemented. The lead lawyer is then the go-to man on the case, although he will also be regularly seeking the advice and input from the other team members, especially as strategic decisions need to be made.

This team concept to criminal defense also allows for more quality time to be spent working on client’s files, rather than sitting in court waiting for pre-trial hearings.  You see, during the course of representation, there will be several pre-trial hearings. Though these hearings are necessary for courts to operate efficiently, most of these hearings are a waste of time to the criminal defense attorney and client. The vast majority of these hearings involve waiting for the judge to take the bench, and then waiting for your case to be called up for a hearing that will take less than a few minutes to conclude.  Waiting for these cases to be called up can be quite time consuming.

 If one lawyer, practicing alone,  has one or more pre-trial hearings during the course of a day, he will be spending his time waiting for his cases to be called up, rather than working on your file.  In our office, we would rather be spending our time analyzing our clients’ cases and developing and implementing a strategy for the optimum result. Because we work as a team, we often are able to have one of our lawyers cover several of these perfunctory pre-trial hearings, leaving the other lawyers at the office free to actually work on their cases. This is an extremely beneficial bi-product of our team concept. Of course, if the hearing is something more substantial than a pre-trial hearing (such as a suppression hearing or sentencing hearing) then the lead lawyer would normally be present and conducting that hearing.

Most law offices who have lawyers dabbling in criminal defense, may have several lawyers on the name of the law firm. However, just because these lawyers work in the same office and have their names on the firm, doesn’t mean that they will be helping each other out. Most law offices operate under the “eat what you kill” mentality. This mentality means that if an individual lawyer brings in the client, that individual lawyer keep the money from the client. The other lawyers in the office then have no real incentive to help defend the client. Our office is set up differently. We are a true law firm. The money our clients pay go directly to the law firm – not the individual lawyer. Our attorneys are paid a salary, and therefore our lawyers have a big incentive to help each other out so that the firm can get the best result for our clients.

Our lawyers are a tight-knit crew of passionate advocates for our clients. We are not only lawyers who have respect for one another’s abilities, we are also very good friends outside the office. This friendship certainly helps create a cynergy that helps us become better criminal defense lawyers for our clients, and hopefully helps us get the optimum result for our clients as well.