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The Indiana Criminal Defense Team

The Indiana Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin Kyle & Kamish, PC is a unique law firm whose sole mission is justice for the accused. “Justice” may mean having charges dismissed or winning a trial. It might also mean getting the best and most reasonable plea offer that our client deserves. Our attorneys have been hired based upon their passion for criminal law and their skill as trial lawyers and litigators. We have surrounded ourselves with lawyers and staff dedicated to criminal defense.

One of our lawyers is a former deputy prosecutor; helping us understand the mentality of the opposition. Additionally, there are only four board certified criminal law specialists/advocates in the entire state of Indiana. Our firm employs two of those four: partners Andy Baldwin and Mark Kamish. We also have a paralegal who worked for several years in the prosecutor’s office to provide us insight into the inner workings of a prosecutor’s office.

Our lawyers live, breathe and eat criminal law. Each of our lawyers has made a decision in their professional lives to dedicate themselves to criminal defense. On very rare occasions we will take on a civil suit, usually to sue a police officer or government entity who have violated the rights of our clients. We will also accept cases in which the government is attempting to involve itself in the lives of families, often in CHINS actions. However, the vast majority of our cases involve defending people charged with crimes. We are trial lawyers and defenders of everyday people against the government.